Sports Physiotherapy in Downtown Vancouver

Here at Sitka Physio & Wellness, our physiotherapists are all trained to provide full assessments, and treatment plans for all of your sports-related injuries. Whether it was ankle injury that happened on your morning run, a muscle pull from swinging the golf club too far back, or a recurring pain that pops up every time you land a certain way, our sports physiotherapists are here to provide a thorough, head-to-toe full body assessment to help get you back in the game. We do what we can to always keep your lifestyle top of mind.

Whether you’re an occasional player in need of a plan to help get you back on your feet, or you play for a team and need a program to get you back on the field/court/rink, we can help. Our sports physiotherapists will provide you with a carefully designed and thoughtfully planned treatment and exercise program that will allow you to return to doing what you love safely and effectively.

We always take the time to understand what happened in order to help you prevent future strain or injury. So whether you are playing at an elite level or practicing at a grassroots level, we know that injuries happen, but the pain doesn’t need to be unnecessarily endured. Our sport specific assessment helps you improve your performance, prevent injuries, and get you playing at your best.

We will assess what you need to do in both the long and short term and if required, ask you to take a break to allow proper healing. Our physiotherapists will use an array of different skills, and manual techniques to get you back to performing and staying at your best. Call or book your appointment online today!