Private Yoga Classes in Downtown Vancouver

So what is Yoga? A lot of people see Yoga as a sequence of stretches that happen on a mat, and it is that, but it also is so much more. Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength, balance, posture and breath. So although the poses may look simple, the focus they have on posture, flexibility, strength and balance can make it extremely challenging to jump right into.

Private yoga classes actually go back to the roots of yoga. Traditionally yoga was taught from a teacher to a single student in a private setting and much like how a doctor would prescribe an individualized drug for an illness, the yoga teacher would prescribe poses specifically for the student. Since then you can now practice Yoga in a number of different ways, but working one on one with an instructor allows you to revive individualized attention you may need to up your game.

Your goals are our goals, and your wins are our wins, so please let us be a part of your yoga journey. If you are unsure about anything as it relates to private yoga classes in downtown Vancouver, please contact us, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about it.