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Helen Ries


Clinic Owner, Physiotherapist, Running Specialist

Helen is a graduate of the University of Alberta, holding both a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She has worked as a physiotherapist in private practice clinics in the Edmonton area, and prior to moving to Vancouver, spent 18 months working in a busy outpatient physiotherapy department in a private hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Helen has a ‘patients come first’ philosophy. She believes that optimal function relies not only on overcoming the physical limitation of a particular injury, but also in considering all aspects of a person’s life. She attempts to match treatments with her clients’ personal schedules, their prior experience with exercise, and their goals for future activity. Assessments and treatments are based on the whole-body approach of The Discover Physio Series Integrated Approach for Facilitating Change. Treatments incorporate specific exercise prescription with manual therapy, acupuncture/IMS and soft tissue techniques. Core stability exercises are key to any treatment program prescribed; as such, pilates, yoga and foam roller techniques are integrated where appropriate.

Helen has a keen interest in athletics. While in Aberdeen, she provided physiotherapy expertise for a sports medicine clinic run in association with the Grampian Institute of Sport, treating both nationally and internationally competitive athletes. Since moving to Vancouver she has been involved with the Sun Run InTraining Program as a Clinic Coordinator and Clinic Leader and continues to present as a Guest Speaker to various running clinics across the Lower Mainland. In addition, she has previously worked with varsity and club level soccer, rugby, and wrestling teams, as both an athletic therapist and conditioning coach.

Helen participates in numerous team and individual sports, having previously competed nationally in soccer and duathlon. Other personal athletic highlights include the Victoria Marathon, the Canadian Death Race and the Edmonton, Vancouver First Half and Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathons.

  • Education

    • Mobilisation of the Myofascial System - Lower Quadrant (D. Killens + BA Baron - Nov 2016, Jan/Feb 2020)

    • Manual Therapy for the Cranium - Level 2 (D.Killens, May 2019)

    • Mobilisation of the Myofascial System - Upper Quadrant (D. Killens + BA Baron - Apr 2017)

    • Cranial Dysfunctions in Manual Therapy - Level 1 with Doreen Killens (February 2016)

    • The Listening Connection – Another Step to “Wow” with Gail Wetzler (April 2014)

    • New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries (Jan 2012)

    • Chan Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (CGIMS) (Nov 2010)

    • The Discover Physio Series: An integrated approach for facilitating change (D Lee, LJ Lee)(2010)

    • Benign Paroxismal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) Assessment & Treatment

    • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Overview of Pathology and Management

    • Level 1 Balanced Body Pilates Mat Instructor certification

    • Level 1, 2, 3 Advanced Orthopedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy

    • Sports Medicine Symposium/Update 2007

    • Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, Level 1A, 2A, 3A; CAFCI Designation

    • Mulligan Concept, Introductory Course, Nags and Snags and MWM’s

    • The Society of Orthopaedic Medicine, Level A

    • Kinetic Control, Myofascial Trigger Point Treatment

    • Kinetic Control, Understanding Movement and Function Concepts

    • Sports and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy, Level 1

    • Athlete’s Shoulder Course, David Magee PhD, Ron Mattison DPT, U of A

    • Robin McKenzie Institute Canada, Part A, Lumbar Spine Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

    • Manual Therapy for Muscles, Charles Kelly DPT, U of A

  • Certification

    • Level 2 National Coaching Certification

    • Level 1 Soccer National Coaching Certification

    • Level 1 Basketball National Coaching Certification

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