Classes and Programs

We offer a variety of small fitness and wellness classes in Downtown Vancouver. Our classes provide an opportunity be part of a safe community for exercising with others who have similar goals. Check out what classes you can try the next time you are in Vancouver.

Exercising as part of a group is a great way to stay motivated. Our studio in Downtown Vancouver offers a warm, bright space to connect with others who have similar goals. Our classes are small. This allows us to accommodate all levels of ability and enables personalized instruction by our team of highly skilled instructors.


New to Sitka? We want you to feel comfortable here prior to committing to a pass.  Come and try our Introductory Pass, including all of our different classes for 2 weeks for only $22

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Pilates & Body Rolling

Pilates helps develop core control, improve posture and even out muscle imbalances.

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Flow Yoga

Improve your flexibility, balance, focus, and energy as you flow through a traditional sequence of Hatha Yoga poses including sun salutations, standing and seated balance.

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Restorative Yoga

This class focuses on gentle movement, restful supported yoga poses, breath and meditation.

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Everyday Pilates

The nature of our culture today causes repetitive strain in our bodies; too much flexion of our head in front of our spine together with over-rotation from hand dominance cause us to load the same areas repeatedly.

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Sun Run InTraining Clinic

Sun Run InTraining clinics begin January 24, 2018 and continue for thirteen weeks leading up to The Vancouver Sun Run on April 22nd, 2018.

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