Running Assessments in Downtown Vancouver

Do you suffer from Chronic Runner’s Knee or Plantar Fasciitis? Do you have an Achilles’ Heel that just won’t go away? Chronic Running Conditions such as Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Sacro-Iliac Pain, and Shin Splints (Tibial Stress Syndrome) will continue to recur unless strides are taken to get to the root of the problem. Perhaps your running is feeling good, but you just can’t seem to shave any seconds or minutes off your Personal Best.

Individualized Running Assessments performed by our skilled team of Physiotherapists, are essential for any runner, novice or competitive, looking to overcome injury, improve running performance, and/or prevent injury recurrence.

Our Running Specialists are all avid runners who have completed specialist training via The Running Clinic. They all have a varied running experience including marathons, half marathons, triathlons, duathlons, trail races, and collegiate athletics. They combine their personal running knowledge with their background in physiotherapy (specifically biomechanical analysis) to address Failed Load Transfer, Muscle Imbalance, and Joint Restriction. They strive to identify the injured tissue, determine the root cause, and provide appropriate treatment to correct, restore, and improve running mechanics.