Through the fall we have had an increasing demand for Corporate Team services in Downtown Vancouver.  As corporations balance a hybrid work model, they are looking for new ways to encourage Health and Wellness while promoting team inclusivity and morale.  With this in mind we have been offering Corporate Body Breaks to groups of all sizes. These are amazing, virtual, team fitness sessions for Corporate Clients who wish to gather their team for a mid-day (or any time) pick-me-up. These body breaks have been created to facilitate body awareness, to pause and move mid-day for a reset, and most importantly, to have fun! Ellie has planned exercises and movements that are inclusive to all fitness levels. These breaks are meant to be stress-free and interactive. With the Sitka Physio & Wellness motto of Move Well, Feel Well, Be Well, being at the cornerstone of each session. Contact us today to learn how to get these sessions started for your team!