Ergonomics Assessments in Downtown Vancouver

Despite what you may have heard, a Standing Desk will not cure “Sitting Disease”.  The truth is, you can stand just as poorly (or worse) than you can sit.  A thorough, individualized approach to Ergonomics is essential for any office worker looking to relieve pain and symptoms associated with Repetitive Strain.  Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches and others will not be cured by a specific product or tool.  Ergonomics refers to “the study of the relationship between workers and their environment”.  As such, it is important to assess the worker and their tasks, including how the different parts of the body relate as regular duties are performed.

A physiotherapist is uniquely trained with physiological understanding,  biomechanical assessment, and treatment skills.   The additional knowledge of workplace assessment and modification, results in a professional with the knowledge to direct an efficient, preventative, Ergonomics program.

Ergonomic Assessments may be scheduled on an individual basis or for groups or departments of employees.  Recommendations are made on-site and solutions are tailored to be practical, economical and sustainable.

Adoption of a workplace ergonomics program can provide immediate improvement in the techniques and body mechanics utilized by employees in their day-to-day tasks. By learning about their bodies and how to improve how they work, employees will incur fewer injuries, and will feel more empowered to be well. Recent studies have shown that comprehensive ergonomics programs resulted in decreased sick leave, reduced disability claims, and reduced need for recruitment of new employees to replace those on disability leave. Furthermore, ergonomics programs have been shown to result in financial benefits for employers.