restorative yoga


Meditation is a way of calming the mind and body. Each week will lead you towards being able to sit longer and to tap into your own resources to remain calm at anytime in any situation. We provide all of the props and support your need to be able to sit comfortably. The practice will be made accessible to all levels, including those completely new to meditation.


Meditation brings a sense of openness to what ever you are doing and a sense of curiosity which allows you to be receptive to new possibilities. Meditation balances mind and spirit, which eases anxiety and stress, nurtures the spirit by bringing up feelings of love, compassion, and kindness to oneself and others. Meditation is also connected to breath work, every inhale inviting stillness and calm, every exhale letting go of tension and stress. This creates subtle shifts in how you breathe, and teaches you how to use your breath to remain calm in stressful situations.