ConnectTherapy™ in Downtown Vancouver

The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) approach is an evidence-based treatment framework developed by some of the world’s leading physiotherapists and academics, Diane Lee and Linda Joy Lee in 2007. Its approach focuses on the need to consider all regions of the body and mind to find the driving cause of symptoms/pain for patients. It is an integrated approach developed to understand and treat patients as a whole rather than isolating out singular injuries.

Unlike the conventional methods, Integrated Systems Model (ISM) therapy considers the impact of beliefs and aims to explain the relationships between pain and your mind. It is different because the process focuses on finding the source of the problem right from the start and treats the issue as a whole rather than separately. Also, ISM provides you with evidence-based clinical reasoning to help you understand how all areas of your body are linked and interacting with each other every day.

ISM is a specialized treatment option for patients who are looking for an alternative approach. Here at Sitka Physio, we are dedicated and passionate about making you move and feel better. That is why we pride ourselves on offering leading and innovative physio treatment options. It is also why we are one of the few clinics that specialize in ISM here in Vancouver. So if you are wondering if ISM therapy will help you, call us today to book an appointment.