RMTs in Downtown Vancouver

RMT stands for Registered Massage Therapy, which in British Columbia means that the health professional is recognized under, and regulated by BC’s Health Professions Act. Our Registered Massage Therapists at Sitka Physio & Wellness have completed a college-level program that consists of at least 2,200 hours of instruction to correctly understand the body and treat its soft tissue and joint restrictions. We have worked hard throughout the years to develop our RMT program to approach injury management and rehabilitation uniquely.

We provide RMT in a calm and relaxing environment conveniently located near your office in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s Business District. Located inside Royal Centre, we offer a variety of massage styles. What sets us apart, though, is that we are dedicated to continuing to help you feel better, even after your session is complete. In addition to your RMT treatment, you will often be sent home with specific therapeutic exercises to reinforce all the good work we achieve in our treatment session.