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We are a full-service Physiotherapy and Wellness clinic located in the heart of the
Vancouver, British Columbia Downtown Business District.

Wellness in Downtown Vancouver

From post-surgery and accident recovery to office and weekend warriors, we offer a range of physio and health services designed to address your wellness goals here in Downtown Vancouver. Our unique approach to Physiotherapy addresses the unique needs of every body. Book your next appointment in our downtown Vancouver physiotherapy and wellness clinic!

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Hi Helen … I am in New York and I just wanted to let you know that I did my run! I have attached a picture of me after I finished. Thank you for teaching me the skills to make this happen. Cheers from New York!

Lesly E.

Your Downtown Vancouver Physiotherapist

At Sitka Physio & Wellness, we offer a comprehensive treatment approach. We use manual therapy, specific exercise prescription and needling techniques (acupuncture and IMS) to relieve your painful symptoms and get you back to regular activities. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to give you the care that you deserve.

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The body is a complex machine that coordinates many systems at once to allow us to breathe, move and live. Read on for featured articles about common conditions and treatment approaches as presented by our team of expert Physiotherapist.

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