Matthew Siu

Matthew Siu

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), RYT 200hr, CSIA Level 1 instructor


Matthew has an undergraduate degree in Health Science, is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), RYT 200hr, CSIA Level 1 instructor, and will shortly complete his registration at BCAK to practice kinesiologist here in British Columbia.

Matthew finds that the older we get, we must be conscientious about how our body is in space during our daily activities. To prevent prosthetic joint replacements and expensive procedures, he strives to be a proponent of pre-habilitation and mindfulness.

Using principles from yoga, the style he finds most effective centers around gravity as a force to manipulate internal muscle tension. When you train with Matthew, the focus will be to find a joyful way for you to comply with prescribed exercises by your Physiotherapist. Together you will integrate balance into your life for pain management and injury prevention. In addition, his athletic background and curious interest in the body may help those who want to optimize performance in their respective sport.

Matthew is not afraid to fail trying to find a suitable program for you. He believes that with the appropriate mindset, anyone can achieve their goals. But we must understand that getting the correct attitude for you will take hard work and discipline. Therefore, together you will explore your psychological barriers, achieve your objectives, and optimally move forward with your life with self-efficacy.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys the company of friends while playing basketball and golf. You might find him at your local studios practicing yoga, at the gyms training like an endurance athlete, or a coffee shop reading or journaling.

  • Education

    • BH Sc.

    • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

    • RYT 200hr

    • CSIA Level 1 Instructor