Joanne Wong

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Joanne Wong

Board Certified Structural Integrator, ATSI (KMI)

Exercise and Manual Therapist

I am a great enthusiast for various movement practices. Through my own selfish need to move freely and having the privilege to work with those with a quest to improve the quality of life, I continue to explore.

My curiosity has lead me through eye-opening and effective modalities including manual therapy that I share with a passion. I am committed to seeking answers at a time when so much is available through the wisdom of others

The work and play that calls to me is of the preventative and rehabilitative nature. I revel in the marvels of the human potential to self-heal when the body senses a safe and encouraging environment.

  • Education

    • Neurovascular Release (full curriculum) with Kirstin Schumaker

    • ScarWork, BoneWork and the TailEnd (Aligning the pelvis) with Sharon Wheeler

    • Structural Integration for Scoliosis with David Davis

    • Advanced Myofascial Techniques for Scoliosis 2 with Til Luchau

    • Visceral Manipulation 1, 2, 3 & 4 with the Barral Institute

    • Listening Techniques 1 & 2 with the Barral Institute

    • CranioSacral Therapy 1 & 2, SomatoEmotional Release 1 with the Upledger Institute

    • CranioSacral Therapy for Chronic Depletion with Eric Moya

    • TRX Qualified Trainer

    • ViPR Qualified Trainer

    • CranioSacral for Longevity - Reversal of the Aging Process with Michael Morgan

    • CranioSacral Therapy for Cranial Nerves

    • Neural Meningeal 1 & 2 with the Barral Institute

    • VM-Advanced Clinical Applications Gynecological and Urogenital Issues

    • VM-Advanced Clinical Applications for Common Thyro-Cardio-Pulmonary Issues

    • Visceral Manipulation Advanced Components of the Neck and Thorax

    • Manual Articular Approach Spine and Pelvis with JP Barral

    • Visceral Vascular Manipulation for Upper Body

  • Certification

    • European Pilates Association - Certified Pilates Instructor

    • Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner

    • Certified TRE Provider

    • Certified Bellies Inc Trainer/Pfilates (Pelvic Floor and Diastisis Recti Abdominis)

    • Certified Yoga/Restorative Yoga

    • Board Certified KMI Structural Integrator

    • Member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners

    • Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators

Joanne specializes inĀ Personal Training, Private Pilates, TRE, Scolio-Pilates, and KMI