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Amanda graduated from the University of British Columbia with her Bachelor’s of Human Kinetics, as well as her Master’s of Physical Therapy. Since graduation in 2012, Amanda has been taking numerous additional courses to enhance her skill set as a physiotherapist. She enjoys using the ConnectTherapy™model within her treatment sessions, which emphasizes a holistic, whole body approach to rehabilitation. In addition, advanced techniques such as Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, and Functional Dry Needling (FDN/IMS) are incorporated into her practice.

In the clinic, Amanda works closely with her patients to achieve their goals. She uses her specialized knowledge, training and experience to create an individualized treatment plan. You can expect hands-on therapy, specific exercises, and education. Helping people understand the mechanics of their injury allows for active participation in the rehab process. Empowering patients to reach their goals, whether it is to optimize function, decrease pain, or enhance performance, is Amanda’s passion. She is happy to work with, and encourage you along your physiotherapy journey.

Outside the clinic, you’ll find Amanda having fun with various forms of physical activity in and around Vancouver and beyond. Whether it is yoga, running, weightlifting, skiing, cycling, or travelling, Amanda is always on the move.

  • Education

    • Connect Therapy Series™, Part 4, and the Thoracic Ring Approach™ by Dr. LJ Lee

    • Kinetacore Dry Needling Certified: FDN1, Functional Therapeutics, and FDN2

    • Barral Institute: Visceral Manipulation (VM) 1, VM 2, VM3, VM4, VM5, and VM6.

    • Barral Institute: Neural Manipulation (NM) 1, NM2, NM3, and NM4.

    • Barral Institute: Strategic Crossroads of the Body 1

    • Barral Institute: Listening Techniques 1

    • Barral Institute: Visceral Dissection – cadaver lab

    • Canadian Physiotherapy Association: Orthopedic Division Level 1, Level 2 Lower