Private Restorative Yoga in Downtown Vancouver

The busy-ness of everyday life can leave our Nervous Systems fried and frazzled. Pile on inconsistent diets, repetitive strain, overstimulation from noise and light, sleep deprivation, and lack of (or sometimes too much) exercise, and our bodies become burned out and depleted. Restorative Yoga is an opportunity to let your body sigh. It calms your Nervous System. It allows peace and quiet in our busy world. Our Yoga Instructors use bolsters, eye pillows, sandbags, blankets and blocks to unweight your body and allow areas that are strained and compressed to let go and feel relief.

Private restorative yoga classes actually go back to the roots of yoga. Traditionally yoga was taught from a teacher to a single student in a private setting. Much like how a doctor would prescribe an individualized drug for an illness, a yoga teacher would prescribe poses specifically for the student. Now, you can practice Yoga in a number of different ways, go to different classes, and experience different settings. But working one on one with an instructor allows you to get individualized attention and make sure we are focusing on the right goals.