Pilates & Body Rolling in Downtown Vancouver

Have you been told to improve your Posture?  Do you suffer from Chronic Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, Repetitive Strain, etc … ?  Pilates helps develop core control, improve posture and even out muscle imbalances so you don’t keep straining the same tissues. Small props such as foam rollers, spikey balls, dowels are used to highlight key spaces in the body and can help provide assistance in creating body awareness and control. They can challenge us further by adding instability.  Finally they can be used for body rolling, which uses pressure and directional movement to open our connective tissue (fascia) and release Muscle tension.  Our Pilates Classes are appropriate for all levels, and our small class sizes enable individual interaction with our talented Pilates Instructors.  Take an opportunity to undo the repetition of everyday (desk) life and learn how to move your body in more, different ways.